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Super Heroes

Super Hero Cartoon Characters!


Although it is quite common for children’s cartoons to be based on virtuous, quasi-invincible super heroes, few such characters make it to international fame, as Batman did.

Initially a comic book protagonist, Batman was brought into the spotlight when the first television series was created, starting in1992, by Warner Bros, Batman: The Animated Series. Batman’s name comes from his unique appearance, as in order to conceal his identity as well as for other practical reasons, he wears a dark blue costume, including a mask which makes his head resemble the one of a bat. Another indispensable piece is the mantle, supposedly helping him glide more softly during his high jumps, from one building to the other. For a super hero figure to be engaging, producers have to weave a capturing universe around it, with the hero’s positive entourage, notorious evil individuals and plenty helpless sufferers in need of saving. For Batman, that special universe is the now famous Gotham City, where he collaborates with the local authorities, as they even have a signal used to call him whenever necessary.

The bat signal, appearing in the sky, has become an emblem in the cartoon world. In order to intervene swiftly whenever he is needed, Batman has a number of props, of which the Batmobile is the most reputable, as even toy models were produced. The Batmobile is a perfectly equipped and efficient car, having among other unique features the ability to fly. It enables Batman to travel at very high speeds and reach inaccessible places, and its design allow it to dodge enemy fire.

Batman is none other than the secret identity of prosperous business man Bruce Wayne, who in spite of his reputation with the opposite sex, is fairly withdrawn and quiet when it comes to his social life. A generous millionaire, who often gets involved in charity fund raising, he usually keeps himself to himself and doesn’t allow many to pierce through his shield of secrecy. He lives in an extravagant mansion with his elderly butler and also best friend Alfred, who used to work for Bruce’s parents when they were alive. Alfred is his confident and his service provides Bruce with the comfort and support he needs in order to focus on his life-saving endeavours. The cartoon subsequently evolved by taking inspiration in the films that were created, and new characters were added, such as Robin, Batman’s young protégé, who is of great help to him in his adventures.

The plot of this series has been praised for its mature approach and construction and is regarded as more appealing to adults due to its sophistication. Over the years a number of infamous villains have been created, such as the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler or Two-Face. They are all twisted, psychotic individuals with an insatiable hunger for power, domination and destruction. Just as the heroes, they are all more psychologically interesting than the average animation felons. Some might say it’s a shame that in the real world there are no Batman-like righteous super heroes, considering it’s full of greedy and demented individuals resembling the above-mentioned.